International media organization recognizes and spotlights Josh2funny as the creatorof #DontLeaveMeChallenge

Popular Nigerian comedian and content creator, Josh2funny born as Josh Alfred has being internationally reognized for the viral spread of the Don’t Leave Me Challenge which was originated by him.

International media organization recognizes and spotlights Josh2funny as the pioneer of #DontLeaveMeChallengeAfrigistbase recalls that Josh2funny was the creator of #theaudition #allmyguysareballerz #thinkaboutit #dontleaveme

The Instagram celebrity has earned himself a spotlight feature on New York-based media outfir, Buzz Feed as his pun-full challenge continues to garner widespread popularity. Many Americans, Asians and even Britons have been spotted doing their versions of the challenge.

Buzz Feed chronicled the comedian’s journey from the moment he shared a video of the first challenge to current trends of social media users exploring different play on words.

It all started with an Instagram post from Josh back in March, 2020 around the coronavirus lockdown period.
Speaking on how it all started, Josh revealed that it had to do with how he craftily made a pun using leaf in the skit.


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Leave me alone @bellokreb #dontleaveme 😂😂😂😂😂 #dontleavemechallenge

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“I was just playing around with the word ‘leaf’ and ‘leave’ in my pun skit,” he told BuzzFeed News. “At the end of the video, my hype man Bello Kreb was shouting ‘Don’t leave me’ and that’s what people heard and picked it up.”

In his short clip, the 29-year-old joked that he was “on leave” while standing on a leaf, but it’s his camera operator and friend’s response that has given the challenge its name.

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“I think it was the way my hype-man Bello said ‘don’t leave me,’ is what made it funny and catchy for people,” said Alfred. “Coupled with the fact that puns are always engaging and a bit of a brain-tasking game, I think that’s what grabbed people’s attention and why people are giving it a try.” The comedian also said he is mindful of how trends accelerate, sometimes leaving the originators far behind or erased altogether.

“It’s bound to happen, but what I’m worried about really is another person taking the credit I deserve,” he said. See the full article(READ HERE).

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