The world operates a global system and this is a time we need to transform our minds technologically by supporting creative ideas among the youth.

In Nigeria today, the most prominent means of development is improving on our technology. How can this be achieved? Let’s begin with youth education. The youth should be enlightened on technology and to improve on it. Science has proven that youth’s creative ideas are needed to boost the nation’s technology (NBS 2019).

In terms of entrepreneurial skills, youth are not to be left out. We are quite aware that our youth of today have creative skills which should be improved upon by the government support. Using private universities as examples where entrepreneurial courses have been introduced to their curriculum, it has been a great help to the students to be more versatile in their areas/fields of study. This is where we need the government to assist youth for them to bring out the creativity in them. Most of the creative ideas in youth today are dying all because there is no government support. There are so many ways in which the government can support these creative ideas in youths which will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

The government should organize workshops for the youth to carry out their entrepreneurial skills. For the youths to start up their skilled businesses, they need workshops to display their creativity. How can this be achieved without the support of the government? In other words, the government should support their creativity by building shops for display. The government also needs to provide tips and incentives for the business startup.

Also, provision of materials and facilities is another function of the government in supporting youths’ creativity. It is not just limited to building workshops for the youth, how about the facilities they will need? The government can help with the provision of these materials and facilities needed for their business startup. The Coca-Cola company has been of support. Most recently, they have organized entrepreneurial trainings tagged ‘Catalyst for change’, in diverse areas of our country, Nigeria. Not only did they train attendees of the program, they also empowered a lot of the youths. This share of assistance provided by Coca-Cola can be emulated by the government also. The government also has the role of creating job awareness for youth as posited by a source. Not all youth might have these entrepreneurial skills, some might have the ideas to solve problems in companies and organizations, but are not opportune to. This is the area we need the government to assist the youth by creating job awareness for them.

In the aspect of politics, the youth are not to be left out. They are to be involved in political issues. Nigeria should not major in GERONTOCRACY; this is a democratic state, whereby the youth should be given the opportunity to explore their intellect even in political issues. Just as other developed countries actively engage their youth in politics, Nigeria too should involve youths.

For a better Nigeria, the government need to embrace and support creativity in youths.

The government has a lot to play to support the youth’s creativity so that it won’t be a waste, Nigerian youths will make a greater leadership if these preparations are taken into consideration.

To wrap it up, we have been able to see through the nefarious activities amongst youths and the menace they have been causing in the society. To retain a good name for the nation, the government should act fast to these issues, enlighten the youths on the dangers of drugs, provide feasible employment opportunities to prevent the saying ‘the idle man is the devil’s workshop’ from manifesting in the lives of the youths, amongst others.

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