In today’s world, it has been discovered that nefarious activities could be ascribed to the youths. Research has shown that majority of the societal problems could be traced down to the youths. 

Amongst these activities, cyber bullying takes the lead. Many people have been victims of this, they have been swindled in diverse ways. Also, drug misuse and abuse, as well as immoral acts. 

Let’s begin with the digital world. Everything is said to be going digital and crimes are increasing. The youths have taken advantage of the digital age and have begun to engage in social media crimes. First, they begin with hacking peoples’ ATM accounts, social media pages and other online pages. Thereafter, they proceed to scamming. This has really affected citizens as the former tend to garner a lot of money from their victims and the latter lose to them.

It is noteworthy that not only do the youths engage in all sort of digital crimes, they also involve themselves in illegal use of drugs. The intake of drugs has been on the increase of recent. Youths have been seen misusing and abusing diverse drugs, which has created a menace in the society. Their behaviours after the intake of such drugs as marijuana, shisha, amongst others, is nothing to write home about. The reckless behaviours they contribute to the society has made the old to look down on the youths, saying, “what good do they have to offer the nation…” At times after their intake of drugs, they drive recklessly, leading to accidents and perhaps death of road users. This has really affected the nation. How? Outside nations begin to tag Nigerian youths as irresponsible. Even Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari mentioned that “Nigerian Youths are lazy

In addendum, it has been discovered that the rate of immorality is taking a great percentage. The issue of young girls getting pregnant has become rampant. Youths have been engaging in immoral acts which has led to early pregnancies and in turn, abortions. The most part of these immoral acts are responses to stimulus created by the hard drugs the youths take. As a result of the hard drugs, the youth “get high” and crave for immorality. All these has made them to be seen as irresponsible.

To wrap it up, we have been able to see through the nefarious activities amongst youths and the menace they have been causing in the society. To retain a good name for the nation, the government should act fast to these issues, enlighten the youths on the dangers of drugs, provide feasible employment opportunities to prevent the saying ‘the idle man is the devil’s workshop’ from manifesting in the lives of the youths, amongst others.


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